Flying Hanuman Phuket

Flying Hanuman Phuket


Sawas Dee Krap and welcome to “Flying Hanuman” soon you will be in a forest, a place so easily reach but amazing in its separation from the rest of Phuket. Thai is part of the beauty of jungles, rainforests and wooded lands. As soon as you step into them, you feel like you have been taken to a difference world. But these beautiful pieces of nature are being destroyed very quickly. Thailand itself experienced heavy deforestation during the 20th century from logging, even after it was banned in 1989. Some estimates say that if the rate of deforestation continues to increase as it is today, there will be tropical rainforest left in 20-30 years. Special price from Flying Hanuman. Please kindly to see the details as below. Journey A : Zipline 28 platforms + Seasonal Fruit Set + Meal = 2,800 THB/Pax Journey B : Zipline 28 platforms + Seasonal Fruit Set = 2,600 THB/Pax Journey C : Zipline 16 platforms + Seasonal Fruit Set = 1,800 THB/Pax Period from 6 November, 2018 to 30 September 2019

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