Do “Sawasdee” is a greeting with hospitality, showing the politeness and friendliness of Thais

Don’t Hugging and kissing is public places is considered impolite in Thai Society

Do Though there is a greeting by shaking hands, to put your palms together in a lotus bud shape or “Phanom Mue” in Thai, is a way greeting showing respect according to Thai good courtesy.

Do It is polite to slightly bend down when you walk through the way where someone is seated and do not walk cross anyone. 

Don’t To touch the heard of others is very impolite.


Do Thais speak softly

Don’t In Thailand, one’s head is a high part of body that is respected whereas one’s foot is low that is less respected

Don’t Thais do not like violent confrontation. do not sout or speak loudly

Don’t Naked bathing in public places is very impolite.

Do Thais like foreigners who are well-groomed


Don’t There are many ancient objects and places in Thailand. Please do not touch them or enter the sites without permission.

Do When you visit temples and religious sites, and take pictures there, please respect the places and dress appropriately.

Don’t Buddhist monks are highly revered by Thais. Women much not touch them or their yellow robes since it is forbitten by religious rules.

Do Please remember to take your shoes off before entering a house.


Do Before taking pictures of anone, you should ask for their consent.

Don’t Please do not directly give things to children since it will encourage them into the habit of begging for things. You should present things throught organizations or seniors in each village.

Do Try delecious Thai food whenver possible as a way to help local business and farmers.

Do Support local craftmen by means of purchasing newly made handicrafts with good quality. Over the past, Thailand has lost cultural heritage bit by bit from trade in ancient objects. Please do not buy ancient objects.

Don’t To purchase wild animals or products made from them is to endorse the destruction of local species of Thai fauna. Please help protect wild animals.


Do Please help Thailand stay clean by not littering, and set a good example for youth by helping collect rubbish.

Don’t Help prevent children and youth from child abuse and sexual exploitation.

Don’t To take drugs is not only illegal but may also have bad effect on you and Thai society as well.

Don’t Graffiti is not allowed on either cave walls or public places. Marine fish feeding is prohibited. And please avoid touching corals.

Do Help prevent forest fires.


Do You should show respect for the monarchy

Do You shoud stand to show respect for the national anthem always played at 8.00 am and 6.00 pm every day.

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